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The village of Springville, NY is located in the southernmost part of Erie County. While being a small village with an estimated 4,600 people, the community is still a buzz with major businesses & events going on. Despite the small stature, Springville is still a wonderful place to live, work and enjoy the surrounding areas.The cost of living ranks under the average for the area at 91 points, which is under the New York average of 129. The biggest part in these calculations has to do with the value of homes within the area. The village’s median home value falls between $125,000-$139,000 but many homes can be obtained for lower. If you’re interested in living in a custom-built or mobile home in Springville, NY, or would like to relocate within this area, Twin Lakes Homes is the new home builder for you.

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Twin Lakes Homes has been serving the greater Springville and Western New York areas for over 40+ years. Our company over time has established a reputation throughout the community as the new home builders to go to. We focus on every possible facet when designing your home depending on you and your family’s needs. We also specialize in modular homes and mobile homes if you are looking for the right fit. This area of Springville is open to many opportunities with beautiful forests and views along with all the amenities of bigger city living. Get a hold of our team today to get started learning your options and finding the perfect Springville, NY home!


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